Business Consulting’s Best Kept Secret is No Longer Secret!

Are you considering implementing a CRM Solution for your business? Consider the benefits a CRM Solution will have for your organization in 2018, and looking into the new year in 2019!

Leading CRM Solutions are vast, customizable, and expansive. But, don’t just take it from us. These statistics don’t lie:

CRM Investments

1. CRM is a Constantly Growing Priority for Capital Spending

CRM is growing and evolving with the times. It isn’t going away, and businesses are taking priority with implementing CRM systems in their organizations as a result.

Across industries and among different business sizes, CRM Systems frequently make the top of an organization’s budget proposal, and for good reasons!

Investing in CRM Solutions is a priority cross-departmentally for driving success in organizations in 2018.

As a $36-billion industry, there’s no wonder companies continue to invest in CRM Solutions to drive their business goals forward.

2. With CRM, it is Predicted by 2021 800,000 Direct Jobs and 2 million Indirect and Induced Jobs will have been created

This statistic is from, and while employees may fear that their jobs will be taken away due to AI-supported technology, that is not necessarily true.

There will be a need to change and advance skill sets to meet digital demands, but jobs will not necessarily be taken, but be different. As societies and economies changes, so must individuals and the careers they pursue.

Shifts in time and technology always call for shifts in learning opportunities, and the evolution of CRM is no different.

3. 87% of Companies are Cloud-Hosted

Ready Cloud reports the days of desktop powered client solutions are on their way out.

A clear majority of CRM solutions are hosted on the cloud, enabling remote employees easier access to information and more efficient communication, among other key benefits.

4. Properly Implemented CRM Systems Commonly Yield a 245% ROI

This statistic from Forrester Research is impressive.

When businesses take the right steps to a proper CRM Implementation, from selecting the right partner, to clearly defining their goals, to assembling the right project team, and other key steps, they can reach a full potential of even 500% at the enterprise-level with CRM and CRM apps.

Most businesses have their CRM system up and running in as little as four months with the right CRM system and partner.

Results, results, results!

CRM Fast Facts You Might Not Know

5. Customer Retention Significantly Improves

Once implemented, CRM can lead to a 26% increase in customer retention according to Ready Cloud.

This statistic is applicable across industries and business sizes.

6. Users Want their CRM System to be Easy to Use

This is probably one big “duh” for most of you, but, as a reminder, CRM does not have to be, nor should it be complicated. CRM is meant to make your business processes easier, not harder.

7. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM are CRM Leaders

Their efficiencies are undeniable cross-departmentally, with quick wins and long-term goals.

Naturally, customers get a better experience from organizations when their experience is incorporated in all channels of the organization.

This is especially relevant to social media messaging. Offering a good customer experience directly relates to a brand’s social media reputation and digital credibility in 2018 with this mindset.

9. CRM will be a Worldwide Business Norm (If it Isn’t Already!)

The IDC lists valuable statistics in their Economic Impact of AI-Assisted Customer Relationship Management report about CRM’s growth over the next 5 years, and they are impressive!

Take a look for yourself:

AI and CRM Ledgeview Partners
Image Courtesy of IDC: The Economic Impact of AI on Customer Relationship Management

The facts are in and the people have spoken: CRM isn’t going anywhere, and it’s growing faster and more impressively than ever before!

Don’t wait to implement the CRM solution that’s right for you.
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